From Zero to Hero in Krav Maga – a journey of Self-Defense! | Krav Maga in New Jersey
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Krav Maga is a self-defense system, there are many aspects to it, and as such, they are divided into groups of increasing complexity.

We’ve followed an approach to structure the content and progression that is used in oriental martial arts and well known in western society, the belts system.

Each group requires the student to master the specific defenses for different types of attacks, as well as training themselves in being able to execute various types of attacks proven effective.

We privilege the self-defense-only approach ( meaning a pre-emptive strike is a choice but only for when the only choice is that one) and any other actions need to have the right level of proportionality, and we always work to dismiss the attacker and action and control further consequences.

It takes time to develop the specific skills required for each belt, the skill set comprehends the execution of the syllabus, the awareness gained by systematic and purposeful training, the development of the individual within the group and for the group.

The syllabus for the Fundamentals is considered to be the path from your day 0 to Green Belt.

From day 0 to Hero in Krav Maga – a journey of Self-Defense!

From here onwards defenses against the knife, baton, gun, and 3rd parties protection are mandatory

From Zero to Hero in Krav Maga

Print or bookmark the Curriculum and start taking notes, these will be extremely valuable for progression and QA at the class.