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Train Krav Maga? Why should you train Krav Maga – an helicopter view on the purpose of training

With so many choices on physical activity, sport, martial arts and self-defense systems, choosing one it can be a messy thing. It does depend on the purpose and goals that you place for yourself, and a tight look in what to do with your time, I’ll try to give a view on some good reasons why you should train Krav Maga.

Krav Maga and Fitness programs

It is true that if you want to lose weight you just engage in physical activity a good number of times per week, be careful with what  you eat, with your sleep patterns and day to day activity, all of this combined with discipline and support from a friend, some good/ proper facilities and if you ensure that caloric intake is usually (90% of the time) lower that the estimated ones for the activity level, for sure you’ll be losing weight. Many of the programs trust that post this, and this means you develop an habit, the results can be maintained and suddenly the objectives can be an improvement in other dimensions (aesthetic, functional, competitive, social).

General fitness exercises, usually done in the beginning and end of class.

The purpose of training Krav Maga – Self Defense

The purpose in taking Krav Maga classes is potentially different from going to the gym and exercise yourself against weights, distance or following a rithm, since it combines for the same use of time some really different takeaways:
  • Learn self-defense, making a full experience for your senses
  • Increase your fitness levels from the demands at class
  • Develop structured confidence to deal with stressful situations (in the specifics of attacks and threats)
  • Take Krav Maga principles outside of the class and let them help you in the day to day tasks
So usually Krav Maga, can get you more fit and lose weight, while and because you learn Self-Defense and Hand-to-Hand Combat in a structured way (our program) , and I say usually because with data taken from several countries and instructors we’ve notice effective weight loss and physical functionality increase ( per example you learn how to deal with a fall) . Moreover the feeling from practitioner is that they can be more calm and  deal better with stress at work, since some of the challenges at class are progressive and they are effectively transferable from training to day to day non combat/self-defense situations.
Finger manipulation, result of a defense against a grab

Finger manipulation, result of a defense against a grab.

Know Benefits for You – the answer to Why should you train Krav Maga?

Here is a list of the known benefits from training Krav Maga:
  1. Awareness of self-defense situations and the behaviours to ensure violence is avoided
  2. Skills, techniques and tactics to defend yourself and others in case of treats ( armed or unarmed)
  3. A positive development of conscience and self worth sense
  4. A better health and fitness condition due to the training scenarios and physical demand
Now to do this, and have this in your life,  the first step is to come to our Basics Course and try it, since the benefits of experiencing something are usually much higher that just the will and idea to do it. In this case the advice is to try it first and then decide on what to do, it is a quite like try, check the result and then decide. The data around this (we’ve done near 30 courses in the last 3 years, in different countries) and the experience shown that it can change lives. To know more on the Basics Course go here.
Why should You Train Krav Maga?

Being able to excel at a simple technique is there for you, it requires patience and directed training.

The purpose is that we can find a match for your development and goals within the same time frame that you could have for a regular fitness program, in my view the use of this time will give more to you since it combines:
  • knowledge transfer to you, self-defense based
  • social interaction with your partners and overall group
  • good physical fitness
  • great fun at training
  • a safe learning environment where making mistakes and asking questions is promoted
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Many thanks and use time wisely :) Goncalo Esteves – FEKM- USA Chief Training Officer