20th May 2019

From Zero to Hero in Krav Maga – a journey of Self-Defense!

Krav Maga is a self-defense system, there are many aspects to it, and as such, they are divided into groups of increasing complexity. We’ve followed an approach to structure the content and progression that is used in oriental martial arts and well known in western society, the belts system. Each group requires the student to master […]

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27th April 2019

Krav Maga in April 2019 – Effective Things

Have you ever faced things that just need to be done? I do. Everyday. So I’ll address one major derailer of getting things done – angry emotions. Krav Maga comes into play when what needs to be done is into the realm of self-defense, that is you or yours are in danger, the real one, the […]

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8th April 2019

What matters most is easy to see

Simple to see, hard to replicate News for April 2019: We have mats, proper ones! – Great opening today 04/08/2019 From the 11th of April until the 17th of April there will be no class We have a Kravist of ours to help with the growth of Social Media and new cool uniforms We will incorporate yoga […]

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17th March 2019

Krav Maga and Food – Our Defense Line

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. – from a disciple of Hippocrates (around 460 BC). This post addresses something that we usually do – that is eating and drinking. Coming from Europe, GMO and USDA Organic were terms that I did not see relevant (at least in the last 2 years). For reasons of […]

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13th October 2018

Friday 12/10 – Gratification from Training takes time

Friday 12/10 – Gratification from training takes time – more precisely 15 minutes a day and a routine of years Do we really like routine? Or is it better the excitement of starting something new? We face everyday the problems of delayed gratification ( per example doing 15 minutes of training per day, if you sweat, […]

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29th September 2018

Friday 09/28 – Time for you – How does Chemistry help routine development

Friday 09/28 – Time for you – How does Chemistry help routine building Here are are a set of suggestions from an interesting article (1), a study on making use of our less lazy corticals (2) and seeing  Krav Maga Self-Defense for All People (3) as a potential source to improve balance and cognitive functions preventing the […]

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20th September 2018

Moving to a Self-Defense Culture – Studies on trained vs untrained

Training Self-Defense equals being able to identify and handle dangerous situations better than an untrained person? Although the question looks to have a simple yes answer, it needs better evidence and where possibly scientific and non-anecdotal proof. I’ve made some research and found two studies that look interesting to support the claim above, although I’ll not focus on the […]

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