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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. – from a disciple of Hippocrates (around 460 BC). This post addresses something that we usually do – that is eating and drinking. Coming from Europe, GMO and USDA Organic were terms that I did not see relevant (at least in the last 2 years). For reasons of the simple belief “what shows in the counter of a supermarket should be good for you” ( too naive) I was faced many times with the price choice. And in the last 2 years, I and my family consumed produce from all sources. It was this year, motivated by 10 days of having my family abroad that I’ve decided to do an experiment with a new food regime, it’s called the Plant Paradox. I’ve had purchased the audiobook, probably motivated by the many Tim Ferris podcasts and for some very controversial views on the role of grains and how to eat better. In those 10 days I said to myself : 1 – can do more training; 2 – can eat better; 3 – can sleep more; 4 – can read more. The next lines are about the “can eat better” Having the wonders of Audible in the car is just amazing, so I’ve used my commute to get the Plant Paradox inside my ears. The audiobook narration is terrible, the content is not, and since it gave very descriptive information on the foods to eat an not to eat plus a whole recipe book ( day by day) it did resemble Krav Maga on its logic and hopefully effects. I’ll provide links for the information above and I do not hold any profit or connection to the Plant Paradox, although after reading it (listening) I feel more encouraged to become a farmer. My first 2 weeks without bread, sugar, and starches and the list of not allowed foods were really not 100%, I did go very strict but some days ( 1x per week) my bagel would appear. Still, in 2 weeks I lost 4 kilos and yes more energy available for the 12 hours days. Green Smoothie ( no bananas), guacamole and lettuce boats, mushroom soup, anchovies, sardines, salmon and wine, many new different vegetables, no fruit, and no grains make a huge difference. A new phase of the challenge – We are a family! Since all changes need an ecosystem to work, my family is in a sense the system and the purpose, and after knowing some recipes well we’ve decided to change the habits and get better at eating. his means finding ways for me and my family ( wife, a boy of 12 and a baby of 13 months) to go in this direction, making substitutes for bread, taking my son to extra greens and my baby to start eating more plant-based. Also, the supermarket/grocery shopping changed quite a lot, you can see me picking things in the organic section and trying to understand things like celery sticks and celery root and why are there so many vegetable types, also looking for the discounts in grass-fed meat and getting eggs from chickens pasture raised. See all the produce and shopping experience is prepared differently, and the symbols of NON-GMO and USDA Organic are very little compared to the shiny glitter of sugar and grains. Additionally, the kitchen needs some utensils, a large choice of spices and a good balcony to cut veggies and prepare food, so yes this is a journey of finding the time and keeping up with good options and making the not so good fail. In practice, we do less to achieve more, so you might see here one more parallel First 2 weeks… I tried cooking every night ( except when I was giving classes) and although it was ok this meant 1.5 hours per day. So I felt and we all that doing this thing of the Plant Paradox will not work. Then I did a “cooking weekend” of 3 to 4 hours and placed all into containers, what a difference! We had a large salmon (wild caught) on top of the whole tray of vegetables done on Sunday and some Chicken Moroccan with vegetable spaghetti and magic happened, not only was easier to roll out dinner (10 minutes setup) but also way less mess in the kitchen. Our spend is frankly the same since we have less animal protein (meat/fish) and use way more vegetables and eggs. It is still very hard with bread, bagels, the weekend cookie and other amazing things that the palate can have, still, I think that the good guys are winning and my son is now a great champion of having cauliflower rice. See some of the pictures below. Cauliflower Pizza and Wine – Friday Wild-Caught Salmon and Avocado – from ACME in Morris Plains A Lemmon Poppy Cake – Needs Improvement – still it lasts a week and No Sugar! So how does this relates to Krav Maga? Well in my view a lot since if you eat better it’s because you are making a better choice like if someone was there to attack you would use your best of knowledge to de-escalate and only if needed use physical actions ( all the Krav Maga continuum). Making the right choices in what you eat and drink is just having a better Krav Maga. Plant Paradox Book – I went with the audiobook, you’ll need patience for it since the voice is monotonic. Plant Paradox Recipes – Human Food Bar – this site is too easy to use, plus you can follow on Youtube Disclaimer 2: A diet is just a regime, and like training, we should look around and to ourselves and see what the existing method is giving us. So if you follow Vegan, Mediterranean, Keto or other, my ask is to see what its been doing and if it is sustainable to keep you and yours well in here. We are trying to do the same and definitely not getting it always, overall we are following it 50% of all meals, and again this feels like training where perfection is out there and we are here just following the process to continuously improve.