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Krav Maga – Training 1x Week – Does it Work

What if science told us that training Krav Maga 1x per week works to acquire skill?
The above looks like an easy selling piece in a commercial, but it is real.

The whole point is

That you get exposed and learn how to deal with conflict in very high-intensity situations, and you can improve on this just by working 1x per week. Here is the difficulty when reading the result of the work done with the Netherlands Police, if you only work 1x per week you do not improve your low level to medium stress management, and think about it, that is what happens every day.
Now ask yourself ( I do the same) have I done my share today… if not go here and select what to do (Krav Maga Curriculum)

Results from the article

Practitioner summary: Dutch police officers train their arrest and self-defence skills only four to six hours per year. Our results indicate that doing an additional martial arts training once a week may lead to better performance under anxiety, although it cannot prevent that performance decreases under high anxiety compared to low anxiety. 

Link and Article Information:

Title: Police arrest and self-defence skills: performance under anxiety of officers with and without additional experience in martial arts

Pages 1496-1506 | Received 01 Oct 2014, Accepted 24 Jan 2015, Accepted author version posted online: 13 Feb 2015, Published online: 10 Mar 2015

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