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Friday – 6 things from Krav Maga – “On Disrupt Yourself”

This is the first of Friday’s call outs that refer to things that will be done at practice or that are influencing it for this week and potentially even further. These are notes on people,training tips, courses,books, videos, exercises, toolkit, websites, gifts and any miscellaneous things that make life more interesting and adaptive. Is this Krav Maga? Well, Yes and No. Yes because all that relates to awareness and adaptation while using Krav Maga core principles (a further blog article to follow up soon on that) makes us better at being more effective when dealing with the world as it is. No because sometimes I only have an hint that this will be needed and sometimes the exploration does not pay off ( time used vs benefit) Now go trough our announcement ( 10 second read) and you’ll have the 6 things  for the week ready. Krav Maga Basics Course – come to train with us next Friday at our Basics Course – Lifesaver event 30th July from 5pm to 7pm – link and inscriptions here.
On site ready for a defense.

On site ready for a defense.

Without further due here are the 6 things for next week:
  1. Reading an outstanding book (Overcoming Gravity) on how to do and program body-weight exercises, the explanation on the use and training of strength is just clear, and more the details on the fact that using profoundly unbalanced work will make us more balance and how to program that, then specification of what is a set, a repetition, tempo, … the book is big and the content most needed to train better. Overcoming Gravity: A Systematic Approach to Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength (Second Edition) Paperback – November 18, 2016 by Steven Low
  2. Training – Running 5K 2 times a week and making sprint series – well the 5K runs go well with charity events and post doing one in NYC, the fact that it can be done from 18 minutes to 40 minutes, and that the weather here is good to go and run outside just makes it fun. The sprint series, well they are a must have, not only they burn fat better than aerobic exercise, they actually more relevant to Krav Maga than long runs. The research here is not new, still the discussion on High Intensity exercise vs Low Intensity exercise and what it does and don’t do will remain. – see the link here – Minutes of hard exercise can lead to all-day calorie burn – AMERICAN PHYSIOLOGICAL SOCIETY
  3. Heavy bag Endurance Workout – Make one or two of the training days using the bag with a routine from JT Van V – Heavy Bag Endurance Workout – I use it in my phone and screen while at the bag, easy done than said, put on the boxing gloves and go trough the 18 minutes of non stop bag work using several distances, angle of attack and exit and coordinate 2 to 5 counters. I’ve used a 360 ( a Krav Maga Defense against a circular attack) that lasted for 2 rounds. You’ll also get a bonus on Mayweather vs McGregor – potentially the greatest financial hit to be performed by only two athletes.
  4. Share a google sheet with your training with a friend and make yourself accountable for a certain number of sessions, it is simple you just ask that at the end of the week your friend checks it in and if you have not logged your training than you pay $40 to a charity- here is an example of one that I share with our hybrid training (online and in-house) sessions.
  5. A good mobility workout is here – from the Whole Life Challenge in partnership with MovNat, I use it at the end of training and it does make me feel better ( do not skip the breathing exercises).
  6. Reading in the train commute a book on the use of re-invention in us – Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work by Whitney L. Johnson (Author) and it is just good and packed with information about a personal transformation backed up by science.It calls out and explains how to understand risk and take actions and move on harvesting learning.
These are the six ones for next week, send comments and share this with friends and fellow Kravists and not yet Kravists. Krav Maga Basics Course – come to train with us next Friday at our Basics Course – Lifesaver event 30th July from 5pm to 7pm – link and inscriptions here.
On site ready for a defense.

On site ready for a defense.

Quote of the week: “True happiness is… to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.” Lucius Annaeus Seneca Have a great weekend. Gonçalo Esteves FEKM – USA – Chief Training Officer