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Friday 6 things from Krav Maga – On closing the distance

1) 4th of July is here – and in the US is time to celebrate Independence Day.

An interesting podcast on what patriotism means, that love for your country and the capability to do things for the sake of many. Many views and stories are shared and more import is to have a Humanitarian view of the effect of your actions. Closing the distance her means to find ways and intervene to maintain fundamental values, the same way that the founder of Krav Maga restated them when adapting the Military curriculum into Civilian life and its needs. More on Imi here and listen to the 4th Of July: What Does it Mean to Be Patriotic? – from ABNER FLETCHER on Houston Matters

2) Technique of the week – chokes defense – why is it safer to close the distance and what tools to have on it

A good video to get you started on the thinking about Krav Maga, and a bit more on learning French ( well Lafayette was a tremendous help here). Welcome the explanations and address any comments to us here.  Be cautious to try it at home and thank you to our Krav Maga Coaching in Paris – Defense  – Chokes from behind defense here,

3)Make a Projector to Safely See a Solar Eclipse – bring the sun close to you

I find this an exciting topic, probably because of the many times that I saw Cosmos from Carl Sagan, still this gives you a safe option to get close to the sun and see the Solar Eclipse. One of the fundamental ( actually the first principle of Krav Maga) is safety first. You still have some time until Aug 21, 2017 at 15:46 for this DIY.  Surely like training all things are better done with planing for fundamental events. Link here Make a Projector to Safely See a Solar Eclipse all credits to the people.

4) Intensity and exercise using a Heavy Bag

Remember that to use the heavy bag it is fundamental that you shorten the application time to work on having up to 5 seconds burst of sequences properly landing in the bag. You can use the time working dynamically up to 3 or 5 minutes, but do not make it a jogging exercise. The 5 minutes rounds where you save your energy and speed do not apply directly to a self-defense or hand to hand combat situation. See the Heavy Bag routine here, and in the next sessions I’ll be using it to leverage some raw power and simple applications. (Credits to STACK). Applications for this week will be the Blue Belt Curriculum here

5) Learning fundamentals – Coursera –  Science of Training Young Athletes

Well this is one of the most amazing platforms for bringing knowledge closer to you, I really recommend, The Science of Training Young Athletes – University of Florida, I had a hard touch of reality when learning on why do 80% of young people in America quit sport. Post my weeks of study the certificate is just one more step to help on the learning of why and what Training can bring to us. Link here, and see the sneak peak on the science of Exercise (just launched) 6) Exercise week – Here is a good piece of work from a site that does have a stand out mission – “The Darebee Resource – High quality fitness resource – free access, forever, for everyone.” I use this many times, great for the morning training, just pick one and do it, and if you can donate to the project. In classes I use the warm-ups ( for the generic part) and some of the flexibility training. Well, all is done this week, the above will give us another good week. Keep Save and Keep your Krav Maga Courage ready for a great 4th of July week. Gonçalo Esteves Chief Training Officer FEKM – USA – Contact us here //