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Friday – 6 from Krav Maga – Training 5 days a week

Here is the weekly dose of Krav Maga goodness, inspired in several outstanding people that cross trough the ways of training. This week in a really short note so that you can use it every day of the week and rest one.

  1. Train 5 days a week – set aside 20 to 40 minutes and perform a routine, from a warmup to a more specific theme and then some really simple physical conditioning. Here is a link to a routine that really works –
    1. Easy to follow – Strong Man or Woman – workout – thank you Darebee
    2. Choose 2 maximum of these technique and do them non stop with low pace – courtesy of Franck Conejero application Krav-Maga
    3. Do 7 to 8 minutes of good stretching and you are ready for the day!
  2. Follow up on your exercise using a fairly good and known piece of kit – Fitbit Blaze and start sharing your training results with friends  – I personally use the Blaze, it is quite rugged and after some bouts in the bag it is still alive and working well. Also the metrics keep you humble.
  3. New reads from – Serve to Be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom Hardcover – May 5, 2014 by Matt Tenney  (Author), Jon Gordon (Foreword). The book starts by making quite some shocking comments and it is just a delight so far – really recommended for your commute – link here to Amazon
  4. Review of a specific theme this week for our training – the knife defense ( circular attack) in this case the 360 with follow-up – I’ll aim for the 100 repetitions of the movement.
    1. if you practice try it and see how your mind and body start reacting to that
    2. do it 2 days in the week and record the results in the training diary!!!
  5. Because having fun is mandatory ( and known for increasing life awareness and happiness)
    1. Monty Python — Ken the Boxer
    2. The Real Reason We Never Hear From Monty Python Anymore
  6. Here is an example of the workout sheets that we use for our hybrid training, that is Week_2_Yellow Belt Advanced program – Week by Week
    1. It is a sample and instruction needs to be provided
    2. Use it carefully for many reasons

And that is it our Friday – 6 from Krav Maga is here to serve.

Goncalo Esteves

Chief Training Officer – FEKM- USA

This was a great learning moment for me.

A great sharing moment in Norway.