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Friday – 6 from Krav Maga – On the Mend

When we go on improving a health condition there are many tools for it. This week I’ve selected a few of them that are mainly all training based and with interesting science and life evidence that make the a difference. This is also to say welcome back to the short and sweet things from Krav Maga!

1)Move Naturally and use this as an individual training session or at the end of your Krav Maga session – Combo Workout – Beginner Level Vol. 1 | By MovNat – It is great to see normal people training –  link here and all credits to MoveNat 

2)Read why and how we move and how is it connected, Kathy Bowman is an outstanding writer and we can use her book and the accompanying materials from the her blog – Movement Matters: Essays on Movement Science, Movement Ecology, and the Nature of Movement – November 30, 2016 – Link here to Amazon book page. 3)Because all is possible – “Dreams don’t have to manifest as you imagined. They just have to set you on a path because there is always a way.” – Kyle Maynard on Tim Ferris Blog – A couple of things there, the way Kyle makes is disability not a problem, his focus on a giving support to his family and others just makes it all possible. All credits to Tim Ferris and his outstanding blog – How to Live Without Limits – Kyle Maynard 4)Smartphones are effectively making their way into our awareness, but in a non-positive way, it is difficult to leave them and at least have the awareness and use the it to influence others. Smartphones are ruining sports skills and awareness – here quoted from the Guardian

“Sportsmen and women who spend half their lives glued to their smartphones should look away now. According to the expert hired to improve the hand-eye coordination of England’s rugby team, there has been a significant decline across all sports in skill and visual awareness over the past six years – a period when staring at a screen has become increasingly normal for all ages.” Link here

5) Review the technical program with us and at your home – this week the focus is the use of elbows both for defense and counter-strike – all credits to the video from Krav Maga Coaching from Paris – here. The syllabus here provides the guide where the elbow techniques are – remember – 100 is always a good number. 6) A last one, a bit of topic, looking how AI will make us be and think differently – In the AI Age, “Being Smart” Will Mean Something Completely Different. All credits to Harvard Business Review – link here. And this is it, soon we’ll be in August and we’ll start our campaign for the 2nd Basics Self-Defense Course of 2017. Capture Enjoy the great week ahead. Goncalo Esteves Chief Training Officer