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Friday – 6 from Krav Maga – Benefits that last

Here is the weekly dose of Krav Maga related things.

  1. Get out and train, exercise, move  – since you are planning your week in advance, choose 1 or 2 days and make these into outdoors training. Yes it can get strange to do 360 and rolls and falls on a park, think that the benefits are really immense. One of the most gratifying authors is  Katy Bowman – she is a noted Noted biomechanist that takes on health, alignment and how to Move Your DNA in order to deal with the mechanical causes of ailments and poor health – links here to the books and her website . All absolutley recommended for a better life.
  2. Explore the depths of your technique by making the 1000 repetitions week – my advice is to move in blocks of 100 and understand progress and feelings, strive for making things well not fast. Here is an example from our FEKM School in Bastogne-  Back choke defense.
  3. An evolving piece of good knowledge on Yoga and simple ways to apply it – incredible resource (use this simple manual to get you started) and easy to do video check University of Arkansas – Healthy Living Resources for Youth.
  4. An interview from by Ton  KMA that holds an interesting blog on Krav Maga Traveling (Krav Maga all over the world) – with the impressive Alexandre Orozco – Technical Director of the Spanish Federation of Krav Maga – loved the bulimic about martial arts and his life story.
  5. Something to read on and try – Tao of body weight – one of the many ways Movement is becoming the new fitness – be ready in NYC since there is a Handstand workshop happening soon.
  6. Our Hybrid Training is on and we have received a set of good comments – it runs based on the advance practitioner mode  see the link to the form here – you will learn what its needed to defend yourself and others. – Link here

Enjoy the week.

Goncalo Esteves

Chief Training Officer FEKM-USA