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Friday 12/10 – Gratification from training takes time – more precisely 15 minutes a day and a routine of years

Do we really like routine? Or is it better the excitement of starting something new? We face everyday the problems of delayed gratification ( per example doing 15 minutes of training per day, if you sweat, will make you healthier in the long run) and this sounds to be always possible correct?

The day does have 1440 minutes and 15 minutes is 1.04% of it, so why doesn’t it get done?

It is not easy to maintain that discipline because the gratification from it takes way too long for our “monkey” brains.  In the 1990’s Walter Mischel did a seminal study that brought a strong correlation of delayed gratification and success in life.

Application for Krav Maga – one follow along routine added

Take that time for you, have the discipline, perseverance and keep working, building and using small routines in gray areas of your day.

To help this I’ve progressed with a new Follow – Along (Upper and Lower Limbs, Combinations from the Yellow Belt program) – Link here


Krav Maga – Join us for an exploratory session in YB Fitness Summit

We will do our showcase class in YB Fitness in Summit this Saturday 12th from 9:15 am  till 10:30 am – the address is here

Krav Maga and Warrior Strong Initiative

Please join us at the ISF for the WS TEAM WORKOUT DAY on Sat, Oct 20 | 60 E Hanover Ave UNIT B5

Purpose: Bring awareness to PTSD that veterans still challenge with everyday.

Veterans are FREE!!, Registration from 9:30-10:00 AM

Event from 10:00 AM until 11:30 AM

RSVP Here – 10 USD 

I wish you all a great week with Krav Maga. Sources and notes *”Mischel told children between the ages of three and five that if they could wait 10 minutes to eat a treat, they’d be rewarded with two. Later, he found that the ability to wait longer appeared predictive of how children would achieve in school and in life. ” Link to the article here: “The founder of the famous marshmallow test had some great advice about self-control” By Natasha Frost September 14, 2018, I would also advise reading the follow-up study in the complexity of self-control