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Making it right the right way – WWE on a major change for Women

It is known that Men and Women are different, what we are seeing is an upcoming of knowledge that these differences are the ones that make us be alive and stronger in face of so many changes ( beyond the gene diversity). Advances are being done to mitigate the gender pay gap and access to jobs, roles in society and bias, there is still a lot to do, and I’ll soon address more on this subject.

The entertainment industry is getting there first and WWE announced the first female-only event – Evolution, and using the words of the couple Stephanie McMahon and Triple H on WWE Evolution at the  Elvis Duran Show.

It is just great to see and listen how we can move the talk to Athletes and not Gender. Link here to this edition of the Elvis Morning Show.

And to some of the points, on Leadership and Resilience under stress, I’ve also experienced the fierceness of competitive play in similar scenarios when leading women-only classes.

Here in her prime – Ronda Rousey – now a star in WWE.


Krav Maga and Gender

Questions: Is there a something like Krav Maga for Women? Or Krav Maga for Men?
Answer: No! Krav Maga is universal and it cares the use the right techniques based on:

   a) the type of attack or threat

   b) your trained and untrained capabilities

   c) what adversary (ies) stand in your way

   d) any environmental aspect to account and

   e) use of any object/tools/weapons

   f) the level of risk you are willing to take that can reduce the attack or threat, although this could be included in b)

Here is a guide on techniques that proved to be very effective when used against a stronger attacker that would either do a choke or a  grab. 5_Techniques_Chokes_Holds_Krav_Maga.

Bottom Line

The things that are learned abide to being effective under the constraints above (a to f) – we have to do that works!

If you have not decided yet on doing Krav Maga, see Krav Maga- 2 Key aspects on our youtube channel. It gives an overview of why Self Defense is For All.

Have a great week and keep the work ( at home, office, school, gym)


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