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Friday Krav Maga – Summer Ideas for your Training

With some of our Kravists having to work or in vacations I’ve detailed a full set of sessions that can come in hand to keep the Krav Maga fire burning. The first one compiles the framework of the yellow belt techniques into routines, these when done several times will allow to “remember in the action” when you are training alone or to be used with a partner to really enhance the needed adaptations.
Relax and then train, repeat!

Relax and then train, repeat!

Main resource for “Krav Maga Training in the Summer vacation”

Yellow Belt– First cut by Krav-Attitude

  1. Work front choke defense – here
  2. Work on the striking techniques from here to here

The ones above are proposals, you should pick a set of two each time you practice and although the video gives a pretty good overview of all the yellow belt program  you can get more details and a copy in our resource area – Syllabus.

How to train – Step by step of a Technical and fun session

  1. if you train alone – warm-up ( jogging or rope)  5 to 8 minutes, then start by doing your technical work slowly ( I see the video and repeat the technique 15 to 20 times). Add a Movement Drill for the next 5 to 7 minutes – brilliant here by Jason Scully
  2. Then go to the second technique and work/ repeat for 15 to 20 times – 2 series with 2 minutes rest.
  3. Movement Drill for the next 5 to 7 minutes – brilliant here by Jason Scully
  4. Repeat Technique 1 and Technique 2 for 50 times each at slow to medium speed, remember we want to have memory on what to do and that is built by repetition and the use of good standard form.
  5. Relax into stretching here – 6 to 8 minutes – from Kelli’s Quick Cool Down and Stretch – Feel Good Stretching Routine for Morning or Night
  6. If you train with the partner – be careful, Krav Maga implies contact and that should be done under the supervision of a qualified trainer. In doubt do everything slowly and be wise not to hurt or injure your partner.
The second one we’ll be doing is a HITT ( High Intensity Training) routine, that just works great for your conditioning. – next Friday 6 from Krav Maga Post

To see while you are not training

Remember doing something – is better than not doing all of “the super human challenge” that is in the news or in you tube or in the new magazine. You choose to do and it is step by step. On that topic do see this video – Ido Portal Just Move – by London Real. Probably some extra hype due to the aesthetics and how it suddenly became a new culture, still it makes me think on how to best use time at training and out of it. Have an amazing week. Goncalo Esteves Chief Training Officer – FEKM USA