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11/16/18 Friday News – Krav Maga Framework

This post focuses on 2 distinct categories of Krav Maga curriculum/syllabus/program. One is Self-Defense another the Hand to Hand Combat, and why we need them both.

As a student or a practitioner, your takeaway from this should be simple, be prepared to defend yourself and others from any threat or attack, and be able to execute these leading to less risk and consequences on the long term.

Being fair we say this so many times, or advertise even more, that its consequences ( if not taken word by word) are dire to our evolution to become better Kravists.

The easiest approach to this is to see the techniques that we do in the scenario simulation mode (for example defense against a circular punch to the head, execute 360 with counter and a second follow-up) as the Self-Defense blocks of the curriculum.

To understand the need for the combat blocks, we need to look into the nature of a conflict and fast forward in time to the moment where such is unavoidable ( although there is an argument that it’s always avoidable), if you get attacked getting out of the subway, or in the midst of an argument, that is is, things are happening! Fighting can then be an alternative ( Freeze, Fledge, or Fight)